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Maikel Alfonso Lazcano  began creating art when he was five years old at the “Casa de Cultura” (House of Culture) in Havana, Cuba. It was there that he learned theater, painting, engraving and ceramics. He recalls being drawn to discarded objects, wanting to fix them or make them into something new. His experiences taught him to see, identify and work with all sorts of materials, which he incorporates into his work today.

His work can be defined in two ways: as installations, which he sometimes refers to as installed sculptures, and as abstract geometry, which is defined as either concrete or kinetic art. His art pieces can range from the most primitive to the most futuristic concepts.

Maikel does not define himself as just an “artist”, but rather a spiritual person with many souls, who creates for the sake of creation. By transforming objects from old to new, he finds the missing dialogue within the artwork and brings harmony within his universe. He is content in knowing that even a simple object can be touched by beauty in its natural state.

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