Art Basel 2016 - Miami Beach, attracted nearly 77,000 event goers this year, an increase of 2,000 more than the previous year, as reported by the Miami Herald. Individuals traveled from all over the world to Miami, to admire the art collections from various backgrounds, cultures and artistic mediums.

With a groundbreaking $7.5 million benefit concert and auction by the iconic Madonna, the shattering of Jeff Koon’s balloon dog (valued at approximately $8,000 to $9,000) and a surprise performance by artist, Sebastian Bieniek, which resulted in him being escorted off the premises by police, the event never ceased to have a dull moment!

Sebastian Bieniek’s performance piece was in support of the non-profit Viva con Agua’s mission of “improving the drinking water supply in developing countries.” The piece was expressive of the fact “that some have too much and some too less of water and that's it's something that has to be changed."

Artwork That Sold

Art Basel is known for its exciting collaboration of diverse artists and their original, high quality pieces. We were eager to discover what artists made it big during this years' event. According to Alexander Forbes' article "What Sold at Art Basel in Miami Beach" featured on Artsy Magazine, the following art pieces made some hefty sales, which we listed from the highest amount to the lowest.

Lee Kasner (American) - Another Storm (1963) sold for a record-shattering $6 million for the Art Basel.

Roxy Paine (American) - Compression (2016) 41-foot-tall sculpture, sold for $2 million.

Anish Kapoor (British-Indian) - various works for £500,000–700,000.

Carmen Herrara (Cuban-American) - Untitled Estructura (Blue) (1966/2015) and Ave Maria (2011) sold for $450,000 each.

Julio Le Parc (Argentinian) - Alchimie 339: En spirale huit couleurs, (2008/2016) sold for €150,000; Continuel mobile transparent (1962/2016) for €290,000; and Continuel Mobile rouge (1962/2016) for €190,000.

William N. Copley (American) - Under the Stars (Hommage à Picabia) (1994) sold for $185,000.

Tomie Ohtake (Japanese/Brazilian) - Untitled (1965) sold for $160,000.

Iván Navarro (Chilean) - 5 art pieces ranging from $50,000 to $150,000.

Maya Lin (American) - Silver Pearl (2015) sold for $150,000.

Joel Shapiro (American) - a range of small sculptures for $125,000.

Leo Villareal (American) - Cloud Drawing (2016) editions sold for $85,000 each.

Tara Donovan (American) - Composition (Cards) series from 2016 sold two pieces for $65,000.

Yoshitomo Nara (Japanese) - 5 pieces made from paper sold for $30,000 to $65,000.

Roy Colmer (British) - a number of spray gun art work on paper for $50,000.

Nigel Cooke (British) - sold a painting for $50,000.

Marco Maggi (Uruguayan) - BIG DATA (North) (2016) sold for $42,000, BIG DATA (West) (2016) for $36,000; BIG DATA (EAST) (2016) for $42,000; and Complete Coverage on Oiticica (March, Turner Box) (2016) for $14,000.

In addition, Stanley Whitney (American), Ryan Gander (British), Pedro Reyes (Mexican), and Tony Cragg (British) sold items for prices that are not known to the public at this time.

While not every piece of work sold for thousands of dollars, there is no doubt that the art community had a triumphant week during the Art Basel 2016 - Miami Beach! Both established and emerging artists on an international level showcased their authentic, entirely unique artistic style from edgy, politically-charged to modern, contemporary pieces.

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