As the son of two artisan parents, Rafael Sánchez Ruiz had his first inclination to draw at the young age of five. By the age of nine he was already affiliated with the well-known cultural house of Rita Montaner, an iconic singer/pianist/actress, in Guanabacoa, Cuba. At only ten years of age he was already receiving recognition and awards at municipal events, and a year later he'd commence his work with ceramics, a process that he would later teach the young children in his classes at Havana's Museum of the Revolution.

The Coffee Painter's collection consists of a wide range of works which include paintings, ceramics and prints on fabric. However, it is the exclusivity of his coffee paintings on Dekell paper and frames made of corn mass over wood, for which he most admired for. The handmade frames that are later painted with gold and brushed with coffee, leaving a Cuban essence and an antique finish that only The Coffee Painter can create.

Sanchez has participated in over 148 exhibitions, 83 of which were solo shows. Many of these exhibitions were in Havana's Capitol Building, while the permanent exhibitions still hang in galleries located in Portugal, France, Italy, New York, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

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